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Fox Run Silicone 11" No Mess Baster w/Brush

No-Mess 11" Silicone Baster
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Article number: 6021
Keep your roasting meats and poultry moist and flavorful by using our No-Mess Silicone Baster. The green, heat-resistant silicone bulb and tip allows you to easily siphon drippings from the pan to create gravies, or remove fat from soups and stews. Includes a handy cleaning brush for stress-free clean-up after use. This baster features a flat top surface which allows it to stand upright, so your liquid won’t spill out! Maximize flavour, while preventing unnecessary spills and mess.


  • Baster
  • Flat top surface avoids liquid spill
  • Includes a brush to clean the baster
  • Plastic tube with heat-resistant silicone bulb
  • Included cleaning brush makes cleaning the baster easy
  • Tube resistant to 258°F and marked with easy to read measurements
  • Heat Resistant
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Canadian Shipping
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