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Gifts Under $50

Set up someone dear to you with fantastic gifts perfect for entertaining, all under $50 each! 

All of these items can be shopped at our store, and are linked to if they - or similar - can also be found online! Curbside pickup is available, select at Checkout, you'll receive an email telling you when the order is ready for pickup, usual turnaround is two business days. We also ship across Canada.

1. Joseph Joseph Drawerstore Expandable Cookware Organizer $21.00 

2. Trudeau Ice Sphere Mold $22.00 

3. Medium Gurgle Pot $23.00 

4. Outset Cast Iron Grill Press $24.00 

5. Microplane Zester $24.25 (Shop various here)

6. Salt Spring Kitchen Co. ‘Cheese Please’ Collection $27.50 

7. Trudeau Confetti Silicone Jumbo Donut Pan $29.75 

8. Banneton Bread Proving Basket $31.00 (Shop various here)

9. Zoku Space Pops $32.00 (Shop it here)

10. Joseph Joseph ‘Rocker’ Garlic Crusher $33.00 (Shop it here)

11. Danesco Gold Cheese Knife Set of 4 $35.25 

12. Le Creuset Spoon Rest $38.50 (Shop them here)

13. Joseph Joseph Helix Citrus Juicer $39.75 (Shop various here)

14. Zwilling Children’s Cutlery Set ‘Teddy’ $39.99 (Shop it here)

15. Silpat Perfect Pizza 12” $40.00

16. RSVP Mortar and Pestle 3.5” in Grey Marble $42.00 (Shop it here)

17. Michel Design Hand Cream Gift Set $43.00 

18. MTNPK Glasses Set of 2 $44.00 (Shop some here)

19. Laguiole Cheese Knives Set of 4 $44.00 

20. Mason Cash Measuring Cup $45.00 (Shop it here)

21. Bodum Chambord French Press 0.35L $48.50 (Shop it here)

22. Emma Bridgwater Tea Cozy $49.50 

23. Staub Oval Casserole 8” x 11” $49.99