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Le Creuset Large Sheet Pan NonStick - 43cm x 20cm

NonStick Large Sheet Pan / Jelly Roll Pan
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Article number: 46036043001005

This Large Sheet Pan is beloved for its versatility, helping prepare delicious sheet cakes, baking cookies and even roasting vegetables. This piece of cookware serves a variety of purposes in the kitchen beyond baking cakes establishing itself as yet another bakeware essential.

Made with heavy gauge carbon steel, this Large Sheet Pan is built to last, ensuring food is baked evenly throughout. The Sheet Pan is designed to maintain even heat, preventing hot spots and scorching. Its PFOA-free nonstick coating is ideal for preparing sensitive recipes or when moving baked treats from the oven to a cooling rack or a serving dish. Featuring a heat-resistant silicone rim, the Large Sheet Pan offers a safe and secure grip when lifting it to and from the oven.

From sheet cakes to cookies and homemade granola bars, this Large Sheet pan is the ideal piece of cookware to prepare both sweet and savoury dishes.

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