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Nachtmann Noblesse Decanter & Tumbler - Set of 3

This set contains 2 NACHTMANN Noblesse Whisky tumblers and 1 NACHTMANN Noblesse Decanter.
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Article number: 8903108-8991899

The Whisky Set includes 2 Whisky tumblers and a matching Whisky decanter with a captivating profile. Unique and eye-catching, this set makes the perfect gift for a whisky lover looking to take their favorite spirit to the next level.The Noblesse series brings a touch of luxury to your home and celebrates the revival of classic design. Beautifully cut from the finest crystal, the products are a 'must have' for anyone who wants to bring new luster to their home.

This product is machine-made. Due to the manufacturing process small tolerances in the measurements are possible.
This item is dishwasher safe.

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