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Fireworks Harvest Blend - Heirloom Popcorn

15oz 425g
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Article number: F5112 CDU

Fireworks Popcorn Harvest Blend

Fireworks Popcorn Harvest Blend is a delicious and nutritious heirloom popcorn that is non-GMO, all-natural, and gluten-free.

This delightful variety has become a favourite among popcorn lovers. The non-genetically altered corn pops well, and includes a beautiful blend of natural corns. The mix of High Mountain Midnight, Red River Valley, and Savanna Gold kernels makes for a perfect bowl of delicious popcorn!

After trying Fireworks Popcorn Harvest Blend, you may never go back to commercially-grown popcorn again. This popcorn has a delicate whole grain flavour, which is a nice complement to your preferred toppings. Try drizzling butter and salt for a traditional popcorn experience, get creative with some olive oil and rosemary, or try a combination of different herbs. 

Pop as you would any other popcorn.

Non GMO, gluten free heirloom popcorn.

Size: 425 g
Country of Origin: North America
Ingredients: popping corn

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