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Peugeot ISEN Nutmeg Mill 15cm - Black

Take your showstoppers to the next level with a simple turn of the handle on this nutmeg mill from the Isen range, while keeping your fingers out of harm's way.
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Article number: 39639

Savour all the aromas of nutmeg

Manual wooden nutmeg mill in a matt black finish, 16 cm/6.25"

With a quick turn of the handle, enhance your gratins, purées and pastries with a sprinkle of freshly ground nutmeg. Peugeot's lifetime-guaranteed mechanism combines a powerful claw to hold the nutmeg securely in place and an effective blade and grater combo for finely grinding the nutmeg without any risk of injured fingers. This ingenious mechanism is concealed within a compact mill that simply oozes charm with its sparkling metal and elegant matt black finish. The Isen nutmeg mill is manufactured in our workshops in France's Franche-Comté region and offers a modern take on the old-style hand-operated mills, which will delight food lovers of all ages. - Made in France - Mechanism carries a lifetime warranty - Five-year warranty for the mill - Wood sourced from French PEFC™-certified forests - Blade and grater combo for releasing all the aromas of the nutmeg - Ergonomic handle for easy grinding - Includes: two nutmeg seeds

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