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Why Tea Towels

Why Tea Towels

There are a variety of reasons as to why you would want to have tea towels in your home. They are a great way to enhance your decor in your Kitchen and Dining rooms, express your fun personality, and may even bring back childhood memories of Grandma's Kitchen!

1. Hand made and embroidered tea towels traditionally are family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation, and they still make a beautiful heirloom, housewarming or bridal gift.

2. Fold them up to create a protective pad to set baking trays on, perfect for cooling down when fresh from the oven.

3. Avoid using plastic wrap and keep your baking warm and fresh for a day or two by wrapping it with a tea towel.

4. Have serving baskets for breads and baking? Use your tea towels to line them to protect the basket.

5. Use a tea towel to dry out your salad greens, it will keep the greens crisp and extra fresh with letting them dry and utilizing gentle patting.

6. Tea towels make an excellent serving accessory. Use them under your breakfast bowls and mugs to keep them in place - especially on a serving tray - and to catch drips. Along the same idea, you can also use tea towels for placemats when setting your table for meals.

7. Instead of using plastic or metal drying racks, use a tea towel to lay out your dishes to dry. This is great for limited counterspace and individual meal dishes.

8. Use fun tea towels in your guest washroom for a splash of personality.

You can shop our wide selection of tea towels in our store! We are bringing in new designs all the time, with a variety of formal, fun, modern, solid colour, patterned and embroidered towels. We are located at 12539 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, west of Edmonton's downtown and in the High Street shopping district.