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Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

Looking for something a little bit different for your children's favourite teacher?

Mugs & Tea Cups/Sets are lovely, and we have a wide selection to choose from! Fill the mug with packets of Gourmet Village's hot chocolate mixes. Find mugs from Wrendale, NOW Designs, Abbott and more! Shop online here: Heart of the Home • Mugs

Tote Bags - with the ability to bundled themselves into a tidy little package, Loqi totes come in a variety of beautiful patterns - and artworks too. These make for a handy gift as well a being delightful to the eye! Heart of the Home • Totes

Tea Towels come in a variety of patterns and colours, and can be used to wrap other items if you are going big with your gift giving! Heart of the Home • Towels

Tasty Treats are stocked, and you can find gourmet popcorn, chutneys, condiments, seasonings, drink mixes and more on our shelves! 

There is a lot more to find, so browse our website for ideas. We welcome you coming down to 124 Street here in Edmonton, within the High Street shopping district, as we'd love to help you find the perfect gift for the awesome Teachers in your life!