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Tea Towels for Gift Wrapping

Tea Towels for Gift Wrapping

How about tea towels?

Now, tea towels tend to be utilitarian, and serve an everyday purpose for drying dishes, or providing cover for rising dough. They can also be used for wrapping bread and other baking to keep it fresh after it's been baked. And they often just look plain, or too bath towel-like to work for these purposes.

As we are always looking at how to make our kitchens more eco-friendly, coming up with ideas for out -of-the-box uses for common items is top of mind. So we thought, how can we come up with a fun way to wrap up Mom's gifts for next weekend, Sunday, May 8th!

We have a huge - and we mean huge! - selection of beautiful, high quality, themed tea towels. What better way to make for a pretty wrap as well as give a big nod to your Mom's personality and loves.

Do you regularly meet up with Mom for coffee or tea, or want to get over to see her more often? Choose from delicate towels with embroidery that bring to mind Spring flowers, and delightful thoughts of tea time. Or a riot of flowers, or cats - oh so many cat tea towels!

Bring your ideas and inspiration to the table when you are choosing what theme of tea towel to wrap your Mother's Day present in. And of course this idea works for other occasions as well, it doesn't have to be just for Mom's Day!

Want more information on tea towels, visit our blog post that talks about the history of tea towels!

In the meantime, we have more fun ideas that we will post soon!