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Storage Solutions with Joseph Joseph - Cupboard Storage

Storage Solutions with Joseph Joseph - Cupboard Storage

The beauty of Joseph Joseph's design is how each piece is ergonomically designed to fit into cupboard spaces in creative ways, using empty spaces in the upper portion of each shelf. Many storage units can fit underneath the bottom shelf of the cupboard as well. And because of their design, you can move the storage unit to position for use, and replace back into hiding after use. These items fits shelves of 2cm (3/4 inch) thickness. Seriously, Joseph Joseph is that good!

Innovative Cupboard Storage

• The Easy-Access Storage Caddy is storage on wheels! Perfect for lower cupbard storage of cleaning product bottles, sponges and other items perfect for tidying around the house. Lift the caddy by the front lip and wheel out to access.

• This one is very popular! The Film, Foil & Bag Organiser can be tucked under the bottom shelf of your cabinets for easy access of these very important items. The front section is separated slightly to form two compartments, fitting four regular sized rolls. It is equipped with strong 3M™ VHB™ tape to hold the organizer firmly in place. It is designed to fit into the upper portion of a cabinet shelf, utilizing space that is normally empty - whether it is above the dishes stored in a cupboard, or under the bottom of the cabinet, above the countertop.

• The Under-Shelf Spice Rack has a name that tells you exactly what this one is all about! It fits up to 7 regular sized spice jars (jars are not included), and is designed so that you can conveniently slide out the rack, select your spices, and when done it slides right back up into the storage space again. And yes it has a drawer stop so that you can't pull it out too far! How perfect is that? Secure this spice rack with the provided strip of strong 3M™ VHB™ tape. 

• The Rotating Organizer is a low level organizer with various heights and and even a hollow pocket in the back providing for unique storage opportunities that you may have not even thought of. Yes, you will even have storage space for those small stock cubes and other items that tend to disappear into corners! Textured surfaces grip the items and keep them from sliding off.

• The Expandable Tiered Organizer is also textured and tiered which expands to the width you need for your cupboard storage. 

You will find plenty of Joseph Joseph kitchen cupboard storage ideas to shop online here on our website!

Visit us at our brick and mortar store in the High Street shopping district, just off 124 Street & Jasper Avenue, at 12539 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB.