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Lake Life Caesar Mix

Lake Life Caesar Mix

We LOVE this mix! Lake Life Caesar Co.'s mission is to provide us all with a top quality Caesar in no time at all. Whether at the lake, in the city, or at home, making a tasty Caesar has never been easier.

Rim Glass + Add Ice + Alcohol (Optional) + Lake Life Caesar Mix + Clamato =
The Best Caesar You'Ve Ever Had In Under 10 Seconds.

Your time is precious. Let Lake Life give you the Caesar you want in the time you deserve so you can get back to enjoying a good time, wherever that may be.

So how did this mix come about? It started with the creators wanting to make the best possible Caesar on the deck at their favourite spot, the lake. Perfecting the recipe took time. When they offered to make some for family and friends, word started to get around about how good they tasted. They found that it took up a lot of time to make so many cocktails with the individual ingredients, so they decided to pre-mix them the next weekend before going back to their camp site, and brought the mix up in a Mason jar. The concept worked so well that they decided to go commercial with it.

Since then, they’ve been able to share their story and products with people all over, and are absolutely thrilled with the response they’ve received. Proudly family owned and operated, they hope to continue their tradition of uncompromising quality and taste in Caesars across Canada. From the boat, beach, deck, or campfire, cheers to the best Caesar you've ever made!

Make sure you pick up a bottle when you are by the store, and Heart of the Home carries the Caesar Rimmer as well!

Lake Life Caesar Mix