Knife Safe Storage - and Decor Ideas - Seriously!

Knife Safe Storage - and Decor Ideas - Seriously!

ZWILLING just shared some fun decor ideas for storing your knife set in creative ways, and we just had to share them!

Granted, using a knife block that either stands on your counter or fits into your drawer is a great way to safely, and stylishly, store your knives. 


But have you considered using a magnetized knife board that allows you to show off the blades - especially if you have a set that features a design etched into the blade.

Another display idea is using a cannister filled with rice. Select a cannister that matches or contrasts with your Kitchen's decor. This allows you to enhance your home and indulge in some creativity with your counters! Then fill it with rice, which will allow you to stand your knives upright into the cannister. 

What really delighted us though is the idea of using cookbooks to sheath the knives. It's a great way to create a diorama of colours, shapes and sizes, while being efficient with the space on the counters and keeping everything within arms reach. Such a great idea!

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