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It's Cleaning Week 2022 and have we got a cloth for you!

It's Cleaning Week 2022 and have we got a cloth for you!

With cooking always comes cleaning, and we have a great selection of cleaning cloths that make keeping your Kitchen cleanup not so much of a chore!


The E-Cloth Granite & Stone Pack is all you need to protect your home investment, removing grease, grime, and over 99% of bacteria from enamel, granite, marble, and all stone surfaces — and polishing them back to like-new. With masses of precision-engineered microfibers, the textured cleaning cloth grabs dust, debris, and bacteria from the smoothest surfaces and won't let go until you rinse it. Follow with the polishing cloth to absorb moisture, water spots, and fingerprints for a satisfying shine in just a few swipes. Granite and other high-touch surfaces need constant cleaning, so it's nice to know you can forgo specialty additional cleaners. And thanks to our 3-year or 300-wash guarantee, you can toss your tools in the laundry — not a landfill. Shop on our website or in-store.


Dust Bunny Cloths:

Say goodbye to dust bunnies with sets of three cotton flannel dusters. Use on any household surface, damp or dry, for streak-free and lint-free dusting.

- Material: Cotton Flannel
- Dimensions: W 13-in x L 15-in
- Pack of 3 (assorted colours)

Shop for best selection at our store!


Now Designs Ecologie Swedish Sponge Cloth:

Consider the Swedish sponge cloth single your new household bestie. This ultra-versatile, reusable cleaning cloth takes on the tasks of sponge, dishcloth, and paper towel, so you count on it for just about everything.

Each super-absorbent cloth is made from a combination of cellulose and cotton, and just one does the work of 17 paper towel rolls and five kitchen sponges. Wipe, wash, polish, mop, and soak it all up—the natural material softens up right after you wet it. Swedish dishcloths rinse up easily in the sink or give them a simple whirl through the laundry. Your reusable, eco-friendly cloth is always ready to tackle whatever dust, dirt, debris, or spill pops up next.

After nine months of use and 200 washes, you can feel good about retiring your 100% biodegradable sponge cloth. That's one awesome cellulose kitchen cloth put to compost instead of sheet upon sheet of paper towels piling up in the landfill. If you're looking to do your part to cut down on waste and embrace a more sustainable cleaning routine, the multitasking Swedish sponge cloth is one super swap to make.

Shop our website or visit in-store for best selection of these fabulous sponge cloths!