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How French Ovens and Cocottes Are Perfect Serving Dishes For Holiday Potlucks!

How French Ovens and Cocottes Are Perfect Serving Dishes For Holiday Potlucks!

Think back on family gatherings, what do you remember most? Likely Grandma's casserole dish filled to the brim with something hot and bubbly. And the dish itself....Corningware, right? 

The cookware we serve our holiday meals in has an emotional impact that many of us don't realize! When we see the same - or similar - cookware in other situations we often relive memories of fun times of great food and wonderful company with friends and family. 

With selecting your cookware, give yourself permission to choose something that is going to make for a beautiful presentation when you bring the cocotte to the table! Even regular family meals can be a warm and colourful experience with ceramic coated cast iron cookware. With a selection of colours from both Le Creuset and Staub, you will be able to find pieces that will enhance your kitchen decor, and just make you happy while you pull your dish out of the oven!

With the start of the holiday party season, lots of invites are being sent out for potluck dinner gatherings of friends and family. With being invited to such a party, have you found yourself thinking "What can I bring that is NOT going to slide around in my car and spill everywhere?" Planning what you want to bring to the meal can be a challenge for most people, and thoughts of bringing cold dishes, or even prepared items from the grocery store rising to the surface.

The problem with these is we are seeing lots of appetizer dishes and salads filling out potluck tables, so there isn't a variety of foods. Often the party host's oven is backed up with heating & baking brought items, whether the guest made them and brought them cold, or bought them premade from the grocery store. There has to be a way to ensure that the host isn't required to make a main course serving, or cook the food that their guests have brought! 

Now let's imagine a different scenario, one where you are able to use your festive coloured cast iron cocotte or french oven to full advantage!

You've selected to prepare a gorgeous Shepherd's Pie for the potluck dinner, and are just pulling it out of the oven. When you prepared the meal, you were able to created the layers of mashed potato, gravy, corn and minced beef (or lamb) easily within your - let's say - 7qt oval cast iron Staub cocotte. Then you set the cocotte into the oven to bake while you got ready for the party!

The Shepherd's Pie is ready, and so are you! Load up with tea towels, trivel and a silicone serving spoon, perhaps in a delightful Wrendale tote bag! It's time to pop the cast iron lid onto the cocotte if you haven't already, and set the heavy piece of cookware into your car - set it on a non-slippery trivet or folded up tea towel to protect the floor of your car from the heat of the cocotte. Then drive to the party. The benefit of the cast iron is the weight, which will help prevent the dish from sliding around while you drive, plus it will keep the heat in so the food stays hot. As the lid is also cast iron it can be expected to stay in place in most situations!

As you enter the party, you can take your gorgeous looking hot dish straight to the serving table and make sure it's sitting on the trivet! The ceramic colour of your cocotte is going to visually pop, and with supplying the trivel, tea towels and serving spoon you are saving the party host from extra work. And it's pretty much guaranteed everyone is going to be asking just what's inside that cocotte, and waiting in anticipation to get a serving of your Sherphard's Pie. You dish just may be the talk of the party! Expect questions of where you got your beautiful cookware!

The presentation of your dish is going to make for party, and family dinner, memories as it will stand out.

The beauty of Le Creuset's and Staub's designs, colours and styling, is that you have a selection of cookware looks to choose from. We have a selection to choose from that you can shop right here on our website, and you can also visit us in-store for a wider selection. We are located at 12539 102 Avenue, in Edmonton's Shops of High Street of the 124 Street Shopping District just west of downtown. 

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