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Do a double take with our New Look!

Do a double take with our New Look!

Welcome, come on in! We'd love to show you around!

Customer Account Login

At the very top left corner, you will find the Login for your Customer Account. If you have not set up an account with us yet, here is where you can click to enter in your information and get started shopping.

Easily Contact Us

The very top right corner has our phone number, which is the easiest way to reach us during business hours. Click on the "Locations" for our address and Google Map image showing where we are located.

Logo, and Search Bar

Click the logo and it'll bring you home.

The Search Bar is great for finding brands, categories and specific items in our online Shop. We are continually updating our online shopping products to bring you continually more effective results. 

As always reach out to us via phone or email if you cannot find what you are looking to buy on our website. 

Delightful Highlights!

This new layout has given us a chance to highlight a couple of our services that we love: 
     • We ship your online purchases across Canada, and offer Curbside Pickup of your online shopping trip for your convenience! We will even run your order out to your car, just give us a call during business hours after your order has been confirmed ready for pickup!

     • Did you know we offer local craft items like soap and jewelry, serving boards and upcycled handmade products for your home? It's so easy for us to tell you now, with having it proclaimed proudly right on our Home Page!

Main Menu

The Main Menu is now categorized for shopping only, and features our five main catagories, as well as our New Arrivals - which are very important as this gives you the opportunity to purchase the newest products available!

Info, Info, Info!

Want to find out what our latest Events are, or focus your purchasing on Eco-Friendly products? What is the latest Sale at the brick & mortar store? How do you order online?

It is now easy for you to find this information right on our Home Page. You can also get to know Heart of the Home's owner/operator Katryna, and even delve into our Recipe Box with a variety of recipes. After all, we are all about the Kitchen and Cooking, so of course we just have to have recipes we love to share!

New Cart & Checkout

If you haven't shopped with us for a bit, you will notice that the Shopping Cart and Checkout areas are both very easy to read - and click through - to complete your purchase. Once you are in the Checkout area, you will be able to easily select for Shipping or Curbside Pickup.

Clear, concise, and easy to use - exactly what we want for you to experience when you shop online with us.

Renewed & Refreshed!

We are thrilled to be able to provide you with the online shopping experience that we would want for ourselves, and hope that you find this new layout and checkout to be just what you needed to enjoy shopping online with us. The website is almost done, there are some details that we are still building out for overall ease of use - and make sure to check back for more recipes as we will be adding lots to our Recipe Box!