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Bridal Registry Services with Heart of the Home YEG

Bridal Registry Services with Heart of the Home YEG

You’ve picked your wedding date and started looking at dresses. This is a great time to set up your wedding registry! Did you know that Heart of the Home has a registry service that you can come by the store and set up with us?

Your wedding registry is so much more than just a list of items for your guests to pick from when selecting a gift for you and your partner. It really is an expression of what you see your future to be. It’s the centre of your décor in your home together. It’s the essence of what you will cook with, what you will touch, what you will eat with. We are going to explore the elements of what makes a great wedding registry, and we also have a wonderful bonus for you when you complete your registry with us here at Heart of the Home that will be perfect for getting those last items that were missed on your list!

Entertaining: Find Something To Celebrate Everyday
Finding something to celebrate everyday can be as simple as what serveware you have in your cupboards. With selecting to use platters and serving bowls to dish up your everyday meals, you can take a regular supper to a special occasion. Go with what make you feel good, it doesn’t have to be fancy. Here’s some serveware ideas for adding to your registry:

Prepara Taco Carousel (Shop it here)
NOW Designs Dipping Dishes (Shop the set here)
Michel Designs Melamine Serving Tray (Shop the “Grateful” one here)

Linens: Life Is A Beautiful Mess
Life is a beautiful mess, and what better way to keep things tidy, and eco-friendly, than by having a selection of tea towels and Swedish dish clothes on hand. These items are great to have on your registry as they provide a wonderful opportunity for those with smaller budgets to be able to help set up your new household without breaking their bank.

Tea towels provide many benefits beyond drying dishes or your hands. Tea towels are very handy for quick pot holders bringing items out of the oven. You can also use them when serving a meal on a tray as they will hold the dishes in their places while you carry the tray out. Select for the towels that you like, so that your guests find it easy to pick which ones you like.

Browse towels here, you will also find Swedish Dish Cloths in these selections!

Cocktails: Happy Hour With The Ones You Love!
Folks love the idea of providing a fun time for the recipient of their gifts, and having a selection of bar staples on your registry will be a hit with your gift shopping guests. Most of these items come in at a great price point, and most of our selection of bar items can be used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, making these a great option for your registry selections.

Find Bar Essentials here.

Flatware, Cutlery & Kitchen Tools: Essential Sets
A visit to the store is in order for items such as these, as you need to handle what you will be using in your hands. Chef Knives in particular are best selected in person, as the weight and balance of the knife affect how you slice and chop with it. We are here to assist you with choosing what knife will work best for you.

Other tools that you will want to add to your registry:

Peel. Slice. Chop. (Shop here)
Mix & Measure (Shop here)
Gadgets (Shop here)

Having a variety of kitchen tools on your registry are a great way to build out your selection, and by browsing first you will be introduced to the many different kitchen helpers that exist that will make food preparation so easy for you!

Cookware & Bakeware: Quality & Style For All Your Kitchen Adventures
This is a great time to establish quality cooking and bakeware that you’ll love using, and potentially pass down for future generations to use. A baking dish is an essential multi-purpose piece of cookware that investing in a heavy-duty, cast-iron ceramic coated dish is well worth it. (Browse our online selection here.) The ability to produce everything from cakes to casseroles to roasts all in one baking dish is wonderfully practical, and the baking results from the heavier ceramic dishes are consistently good.

Other essential bakeware pieces will depend upon how much space you have in your cabinets. If you are looking for basics, and to maximize your space, we recommend adding the following to your registry:

Cooling Rack (Shop here)
OXO Goodgrips Pro Non-Stick Baking Sheet (Shop here)
Round Cake Pan (Shop here)
Loaf Pan (we recommend getting two) (Shop here)
OXO Goodgrips Pro Non-Stick 12 Cup Muffin Pan (Shop here)

Our Gift To You
To set up your bridal registry, please come by the store and talk to us in person! We will be able to help out with recommendations and with selection of what you are going to register. To say thank you for choosing to set up your wedding registry with us, after your wedding we will give you a gift card for 10% of the total purchased from your registry at Heart of the Home!

Congratulations on your engagement and we are so excited to be able to help you with setting up for your future!