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Back To School Sale!

Back To School Sale!

As we are a kitchenware store, having items that are perfect for lunch packing is a given - especially with finding cute reusable packaging and neat things like:

• tiffens
• bags
• bento boxes
• thermoses
• water bottles made from different materials
• eating utensils
• food and snack bags
• sealable bowls and other containers
      - some of these are sectioned out!

Coming up with creative lunch ideas can be a challenge, especially if you are looking to avoid prepackaged high sugar and high salt products. We've looked for some good ideas for creating a solid lunch plan for back to school, and realized that dieticians are a great way to start. 

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (creators of Kids Eat Right Month) has great resources for meal planning.

"Children enjoy being given responsibility, so get them involved in helping plan, prepare and pack their lunches," said registered dietitian nutritionist and Academy Spokesperson Isabel Maples of Washington, D.C. "Getting children involved helps teach them an important life skill. Plus, their involvement will increase the likelihood that they'll actually eat and enjoy the lunches they helped pack."

Creating a positive vibe towards food is easy and can happen not only in the kitchen at home, but while you are out shopping for groceries with the kids. Use these opportunities to teach nutrition by noting different food groups. For example, reading the lables of the different types of bread easily teaches the names of different grains - and your kids will see how the different grains make the bread appear.

Visiting a community garden may be a fun trip or the beginning of a new family activity. Allow your children to determine how much and what they want to eat. A great way to vary the nutritional values of your meals is to explore recipes from countries that are not part of your heritage. Choose to use postiive words when you are talking about heathy foods, and don't forget to discuss washing hands as being an important part of food safety!

When you pop by the store to shop our Back To School Sale, take some time to explore the many recipe books we have in stock - you will find some great ideas in them. And we do have some cookbooks that are all about cooking with kids! 

Visit the store from August 17th through August 31st, 2022, for 15% off select, in-stock Back to School items. Please note there are no price adjustments, is happening in-store only.