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Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

If you've shopped at Heart of the Home in person, you have probably met Jill! She has put together a wonderful checklist that we are going to explore and expand on today, with links to shop right here on our website. Live in Edmonton? You can do your checkout here on the website and select for curbside pickup - get your items this weekend!

Thanksgiving dinner is centred around the turkey, so here's what you need for roasting it:

• ZWILLING TruClad Roasting Pan (Shop it here) 
• ZWILLING PLUS Roaster with Rack (Shop it here)
• Cruisipro Roast & Serve Non-Stick Rack (Shop it here) 

If you are choosing to baste your turkey:

• OXO Good Grips Angled Poultry Baster with Cleaning Brush (Shop it here)

Carve the turkey with this:

• ZWILLING Pro 8" Slicing Carving Knife (Shop it here) 
• ZWILLING Pro 10" Carving/Slicing Knife (Shop it here)
• Miyabi 5000MCD-B 9.5" Sujijiki/Carving Knife (Shop it here)
And more carving essentials here

Get sailing with these Gravy Boats:

• Le Creuset Gravy Boat (Shop it here)
• Danesco Thermo Saucier in Stainless Steel 16oz (Shop it here)

Whisk it good with the OXO Good Grips Sauce & Gravy Whisk

Other Kitchen Tools:

Fox Run Mini Ladle 1oz - Stainless Steel (Shop it here)
Cuisipro Standard Mesh Strainer (Shop it here)
OXO GG Fat Separator 500ml / 2 cup (Shop it here)
OXO Good Grips Potato Masher (Shop it here)

Create your gravy in a Le Creuset Toughened Nonstick 11" Pro Deep Fry Pan (Shop it here)

Stuffing ourselves with, well, Stuffing!

Bake it in:

Staub 13"x9" Ceramic Rectangular Baking Dish (Shop it here)
Emile Henry Rect. Baking Dish - 11.4x7.5" - Grand Cru (Shop it here)
OXO GG Sq Baking Dish - Glass w/Lid 2qt 8" (Shop it here)

This will set you up beautifully with your meal preparations on Sunday or Monday!