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Gift Guides For Easy Shopping - Curbside Pickup and Shipping Available

Gift Guides For Easy Shopping - Curbside Pickup and Shipping Available

With creating our Gift Guides here on our Heart of the Home website, we've been able to show you the wide variety of items that we have available to shop at our store, and lots of you have been able to come and shop. As time is moving quickly towards Christmas, we wanted to provide you with easy shopping ideas here on the website as well, and have now added online shopping links to the item featured in the Gift Guides!

Our website has lots of our stock available for purchase online. With having both curbside pickup and shipping available for online shopping, you have options for getting your shopping selections to you!

Curbside Pickup:

When you have filled your shopping cart and are ready to checkout, you can select for either shipping or curbside pickup. We usually process our online curbside pickup orders within two business days of receiving them, so you can expect to get an email notifying you that your order has been received and being prepared during that time. Once we have your pickup order ready, we will email you a second time letting you know to come and pickup your order. Call us if you are planning on driving by, and we will even run your order out to your vehicle!

And yes, you can come inside the store to pick up your online order:

Lots of our customers are doing part of their shop on the website to ensure they get the items they want, and then when they come to pick up their order, they finish their shopping list in person at the store. It's a nice way to ensure that you can get the item you see online as you've already bought it! And you still get the fun of browsing the shelves when you arrive to pickup.

Shipping across Canada:

We have lots of online shoppers from as far as Ontario, and ship across Canada. We offer free standard shipping within Canada for orders over $150, and a flat rate of $40 is charged for orders within Canada that are under $150. 

Shopping Links on the Gift Guides:

Did you know that stores have to do extra steps to add items to shop on their websites? We are always working to add more to our online store everyday, but not everything is on there. If you've noticed not everything is available to shop on a store's website, this is why! So you will see this reflected in how the Gift Guides are linked for shopping. If there's no link, visit our store in person to shop that item. Where we do have links, some are directly to the same item pictured, some are to a variety of the same product plus similar, and some click through to a variety of similar to the pictured product but not the exact one.

So go enjoy our Gift Guides for Christmas shopping inspiration and check out all the wonderful items to inspire your holiday gift giving. Find our Gift Guides here!