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Miyabi 5000FCD 9.5" Sujihiki/Carving Knife 240mm

C$410.00 C$309.99
The slicing (SUJIHIKI) knife is a Japanese slicing knife with a 9.5" / 240mm blade ideal for effortlessly cutting meat, fish as well as for slicing a roast and other large cuts of meat.
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Article number: 1002134

The FC61 steel core of the MIYABI 5000 FCD blade is embedded in 48 outer layers of Damascus-design steel, giving each knife its unique pattern. The cutting edge is symmetrical (not single bevel) so it’s suitable for both right and left-handed use. The edge is Honbazuke-honed – a three-stage grinding, sharpening and polishing process resulting in razor-like sharpness. There is no finger guard so the whole length of the cutting edge can be used. The Pakka wood handle seamlessly joins the half-bolster. The smooth join helps to prevent calluses forming on the thumb and forefinger. For best care, it’s recommended to hand wash only. Maintain and sharpen on a whetstone. Using glass, ceramic or stone cutting boards should be avoided as this can prematurely dull the cutting edge.

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