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Pimpernel Stafford Bloom Placemat S/4 16"x12"

This set of 4 placemats from Pimpernel adds a fresh, flowery feel to the table.
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Article number: 8904455-9041064

The premier brand for placemats and coasters, Pimpernel offers an array of beautiful designs for the tabletop. Guaranteeing quality, Pimpernel placemats and coasters use a 5mm board which is topped with an art print and then totally sealed with a high quality lacquer finish that is both stain resistant and heat resistant to 100˚C/210˚F. The bases of the placemats are then finished with a hard-wearing cork that protects your precious furniture and work-surfaces from stains and scratches. Stafford Blooms, a modern update to the classic Stafford Flowers, is a delightful botanical illustration done in pink, purple and yellow colorways on a crisp white background. This set of 4 placemats from Pimpernel add a fresh feel to the table.

Dimensions: 16" x 12"

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