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Best Essential Tools Sparta Pro Pastry Brush - 1.5"

Sparta® Flat Boar Bristle Brush 1.5" USA
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Article number: BE-S320

Boar Bristles – Sterilized, natural bristles provide excellent fluid retention and are epoxy-set to prevent harbouring of bacteria

Sturdy Wood Handle – Durable and lacquered for long-lasting, professional finish

Angled Brush Head – Allows for a more relaxed grasp

Ergonomic Shape – Curved handle shape is designed for convenient one-handed use

Wide Brush Size – Covers larger surface areas

Handle Hole – Pre-drilled hole allows for easy hanging on hooks or cord

Hand-wash Only

Max Temperature 350.00°F 176.67°C
Bristle Trim 2.00in 5.08cm
Bristle Width 1.50in 3.81cm
Handle Length 5.25in 13.34cm
Overall Length 8.25in 20.96cm
Material Boars Hair
Material - Bristle Boars Hair
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Canadian Shipping
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