Fox Run Nantucket Seafood Butter Warmers - Set of 2

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The Fox Run Butter Warmers are perfect for butter warm for those delicious seafood dinners. The set includes 2 butter warmers and 2 tea lights. The warmers have a nautical design and holds up to 1/3 cups each.

The butter warmers feature a metal wire stand that hold the ceramic cups over the tea lights. You can also use the butter warmers for dipping sauces or for mini chocolate fondues.

3.75 x 3.75 x 4.5 inch, set of 2

White ceramic dish with stainless steel body

Ideal for serving melted butter with artichokes, lobster and other seafood

Butter warmer holds a tealight up and away from your table (tealight for each included)

Will not burn butter or damage texture

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