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Eddingtons Proving Basket Oval -16"x6"x3" /40x16x7.5cm

Banneton Bread Proving Basket Oval -16"x6"x3" /40x16x7.5cm
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Article number: EDD70104

Oval Banneton Basket retains and absorbs warmth, provides a consistent shape and texture and ensures the formation of a healthy crust by controlling moisture conditions on the surface of the dough.

Also great for use as bread baskets for serving bread and dinner rolls, these Bannetons are made from 100% natural cane and are secured with stainless rust-free pins. 

Holds 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs).

The dimensions are 16 by 6.5 inches by 3 inches deep (40x16x7.5cm).

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