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Le Creuset Non- Stick Rectangular Cooling Rack

Non- Stick Rectangular Cooling Rack 30.5 x 42cm
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Article number: 46601042001005

This Cooling Rack is the perfect baking accessory for your kitchen, designed to cool down pastries without softening them. The Cooling Rack is slightly elevated with rack feet to offer ample air circulation as they cool down after unmoulding.

Crafted with heavy gauge metal, ensuring its durability and functionality for years to come. This piece of cookware is lightweight and will not warp, while its PFOA-coating simplifies cleanup after your pastries have cooled down.

This Cooling Rack can also be used to glaze cakes and cupcakes effortlessly, allowing excess frosting to drip off. Whether you are preparing a large batch of cookies or muffins, this Cooling Rack will ensure your baked goods cool down perfectly without compromising them.

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