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Microplane Jar Lid - Grater Set

Mason Jar Lid Grater set of 2 Spice Grater and Shredder for wide mouth canning jars
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Article number: 36024

The Microplane Jar lid grater set adds a new shape to its signature line of extraordinarily sharp graters.  These graters are encircled in a black ABS ring and includes a ribbon blade and a fine blade that can fit wide mouth canning jars, providing ample grating space for a wide array of ingredients.  The ultra-sharp, USA-made blades produce optimum grating results, ideal for making on-the-go jar salads, soups, spice rubs or vinaigrettes.  The fine blade style quickly and effortlessly grates cinnamon sticks and whole nutmeg, citrus fruits and hard cheeses.  Additionally, unique shaker holes are strategically placed at the perimeter of the blade to allow for convenient sprinkling of grated ingredients.  The versatile medium-sized ribbon blade turns a variety of ingredients into airy, flakey curls.  Its bi-directional blades render beautifully textured results from coconut, soft cheeses, carrots, potatoes, radishes and zucchini.  Both blades are made of strong stainless steel.  

Product Details

  • Fits wide mouth jars
  • Includes 1 fine blade and 1 ribbon blade
  • Perfect for making on-the-go jar salads and soups
  • Make your own spice rubs or vinaigrettes
  • Ultra sharp blades 
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