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ZWILLING Forged Poultry Shears 9.75"

C$210.00 C$159.99
ZWILLING Twin Select 23.5cm Poultry Shear Forging competence since 1731 Simply cutting of poultry Cuts bones with ease thanks to the bone breaker Safe handling thanks to the safety bar
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The ZWILLING TWIN Select Poultry Shears are essential for preparing, cooking and serving poultry. Forged from special formula stainless steel, the micro-serrated blades are specially contoured to cleanly and easily cut through bone, skin, and fat. Snip skin, cleave tough bones and spatchcock chicken with confidence. With its innovative spring mechanism, the poultry shears will easily open and close as you cut. Their ergonomic looped handle keeps wet hands from slipping during use. Thanks to their detachable design, you can thoroughly clean your shears. The ideal example of function and design, these poultry shears help you prep and portion out chicken, duck, turkey and other birds perfectly

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