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Joseph Joseph JJ DS Expanding Cookware Organizer

Joseph Joseph Drawer Store Expanding Cookware Organizer
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Article number: 7085167GY
  • Expanding Cookware Organizer, 20.4 x 30.6 14.7cm H.
  • Cookware can be difficult to neatly store, with their variety of shapes and sizes.
  • This handy organizer is equipped with an adjustable rack that can fit a wide variety of awkward items.
  • Its length can be expanded from 30.5 cm (12”) up to 56 cm (22”) and it comes with a series of scratch-proof wire dividers that can be inserted anywhere along its length, providing support and easy access to any item.
  • Ideal for drawers or cupboards, it’s the perfect organization solution for bulky cookware.
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