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ZWILLING Knife Sharpening June 3rd at the store!

ZWILLING Knife Sharpening June 3rd at the store!

Why do you want to keep your kitchen knives sharpened regularly? Would you believe because it makes your kitchen knives safer to handle? It does! A dull knife is much more likely to slip sideways because you will be applying pressure as you cut your food. With sharpening your knives, the blade will slide through the food - which means you will not have to push.

Another benefit to having a sharp knife is that your cutting skills will look and feel better - and your food is likely to be more evenly cut as you will be able to slice with ease. Having your portions of a similar size improves your cooking simply because your food is cooking at a similar rate.

You can look at sharpening your own knives, but having a pro do the work for you makes sure that the blade is shapened on the proper angle - making it not just good at slicing, but great!

We are hosting a ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Knife Sharpening Clinic at 2pm on June 3rd, where you can have up to three ZWILLING brand knives sharpened for free!

Please note that we cannot have the tech sharpen other brands of knives, this is specifically for ZWILLING J.A. Henckels brands only.