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Where did Father's Day come from?

Where did Father's Day come from?

As we are preparing to celebrate our Dad's here in Edmonton, we started to wonder where the idea came from and took a look into the history of Father's Day.

The first father celebrated for Father's Day was a Civil War Veteran! He raised his six children after his wife died in childbirth. One of his daughters, Sonora Smart Dodd, came up with the idea in 1909, while listening to a Mother's Day sermon. Mother's Day was just getting established as a holiday at that time and she thought it would be great to celebrate Dads too.

She took the idea to the local church leaders, and they loved it. They picked the month of June as that was Dodd's father's birthday month. As this holiday developed within churches, it was treated as a religious holiday until more recent times. 

So who made it official? Richard Nixon signed Father's Day into being an official national holiday in 1972, at which time it was designated as the third Sunday in June.

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