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Storage Solutions with Joseph Joseph - Drawer Storage

Storage Solutions with Joseph Joseph - Drawer Storage

The beauty of Joseph Joseph's design is how each piece is ergonomically designed to fit into drawer spaces in creative ways - no more elusive kitchen tools hiding under each other or in those hard to reach back corners!

Innovative Drawer Storage

• The Expanding Cookware Organizer is perfect for those deeper drawers, and will provide you with easy organization and efficiency, because you can find your pot & pans - and their matching lids - quickly and easily! 

• The Expandable Cutlery Tray: talk about flexible! This brilliant design allows you to adjust the size and arrangement of the tray to fit a wide range of drawer sizes. It even comes with a small dish for loose items so that they do not dissappear under bigger utensils or get wedged in far corners!

• The Expanding Cutlery, Utensil & Gadgets Organiser provides for overlapping storage compartments and a wide variety of sizing! And yes, the sides are expandable for maximizing your drawer space.

• The Compact Knife Organiser keeps the knives safely stored in a drawer, and has slots to slide the knives into - providing a safe environment where the blades are sheathed. No more gingerly sorting through your knife drawer, trying to avoid the blades while you search!

• The Compact Cutlery Organizer takes the more narrow drawers and provides a great way to set up your cutlery for easy access! This tidy unit is perfect for campers and trailers as well!

You will find plenty of Joseph Joseph kitchen drawer storage ideas to shop online here on our website!

Visit us at our brick and mortar store in the High Street shopping district, just off 124 Street & Jasper Avenue, at 12539 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB.