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Southern From Scratch

Southern From Scratch

We are focusing on Southern From Scratch by Ashley English, which will guide you with how to set up your larder with 50 from-scratch essential recipes for pickles and relishes, jams and spreads, sauces and vinegars, and more that use whole, natural, and in-season produce.

With getting your essentials set up, you can then discover the versatility and flexibility of cooking from 100 more recipes with fresh takes on Southern favorites. These recipes take classic staples with fresh twists, and today we are sharing how to make Ham Biscuit with Mustard Compound Butter.

Country ham biscuits are so deeply satisfying. Add in the sharpness of whole-grain mustard and you've got a breakfast biscuit that practically shouts "rise and shine!".


1/2 cup Butter, softened 

2 tablespoons whole-grain prepared mustard

12 ounces country ham

6 Buttermilk Biscuits

NOTE: substitute a 3 1/2 inch size biscuit cutter. You can use your own recipe or come by our store and pick up a copy of Southern From Scratch for yourself!


1) Stir together the butter and mustard until well combined.

2) In a cast iron skillet or large pan, fry the country ham over medium heat until cooked through.

3) Cut the biscuits in half and spread about 1 tablespoon of the mustard butter on each half. 

4) Divide the country ham evenly between the biscuit halves, top with the other half, and serve immediately. 

We can't wait to make up this delightful breakfast for our next brunch, and this would be a great option for a Father's Day Brunch! 

'Southern From Scratch', as well as 'The Twisted Soul' cookbook by Deborah Van Trece, are warm and down-to-earth homages to Southern home cooking. Visit our store at 12539 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB to browse our selection! 

Southern From Scratch by Ashley English   The Twisted Soul Cookbook by Deborah Van Trece