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Packed Lunch Essentials

Packed Lunch Essentials

We've been thinking about lunches a lot lately, with August having such a focus on sandwiches and back to school. Believe it or not, a packed lunch can be a fun and creative experience, especially when you look at your packing and preparation techniques!

Do you bundle all your food together for a fast meal, or is there time to leisurely eat your lunch a piece at a time? Exploring different packing options can enhance your experience, or make it easier to eat fast while on the run.

On The Run

Soft Sided Reusable Containers:

STASHER has a variety of sized soft walled reusable sandwich and food bags that are made out of food safe silicone. These bags are a great alternative plastic bags and containers, and easy to clean too as you can pop them into your dishwasher. These containers are also microwave safe and can be used for boiling and sous vide cooking! Just pinch and press to seal the bag, making it airtight so it is sealing in all that freshness and taste, ready for you to open up and enjoy your sandwich. If you need to prop up your container for one hand eating, take a look at the standup version, as it comes with a flattened bottom to stand on a solid surface.

When packing your lunch, use STASHER bags for:

     • pre-made sliced bread sandwiches
     • cookies/crackers
     • cheese cubes or slices
     • cut up fruit or vegetables
     • pasta (use the standup version for this)
     • utensils, napkins, wipes

Bonus with STASHER - if you need to heat up your lunch you can easily pop these containers into the microwave for warming up your food.

Hard Sided Containers 

MEPAL have a variety of hard sided containers for storage and transportation. These containers are sealable and leak proof, ideal for:

     • soups
     • stews
     • yoghurt
MEPAL has sizes available for smaller snacks as well, great for nuts or fruit & veg.

Leisurely Lunch

Do you like to keep all your items separate from each other, and yet still all in one handy container? You will want to explore the bento boxes and tiffins at the store!

A Bento Box has either partitions to keep each food item separate from the others, or has smaller sealable containers that fit into the bigger container. A Tiffin is a grouping of containers that are stacked on each other to make one total unit that is easy to carry.

Ideas for what to put into your leisurely lunch:

     • a charcuterie board with a selection of deli meats, cheeses and fruits like grapes or go with pickles if that suits the vibe. Add small pieces of bread or crackers, and a mustard or hummus for a dip.

     • a picnic including a piece of fried chicken, coleslaw, pickles and finish off with a piece of apple pie.

We have a great selection of recipe books that can help out with more ideas for a leisurely, quick to eat and even kid friendly lunches. Visit us at 12539 102 Avenue in Edmonton's 124 Street shopping district, we can't wait to see you!