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Kitchen Grips 20% off for the month of July, 2022

Kitchen Grips 20% off for the month of July, 2022

We've got Kitchen Grips Oven Mitts, Potholders, Gloves and Pan Handle Holders for 20% off during the month of July!

This sale is happening at the store, and the discount will be applied to regular priced,
in-stock select Kitchen Grips items.

So here's the question - why choose Kitchen Grips oven mitts/gloves or pot holders instead of a regular cloth?

Kitchen Grips are made of FLXaPrene material and are stiched using Kevlar - yes, the bullet proof vest material. These products are designed with non-slip grip, and the FLXaPrene is stain & bacteria resistant. Add in being water repellant, dishwasher safe and heat resistant to - depending upon the item - 400 or 500 degrees, and you have the best barrier against your oven's and BBQ's heat that you can get!

We don't have Kitchen Grips loaded onto the website yet, but have a great selection at the store - so come visit us at 12539 102 Avenue, just west of downtown in Edmonton, Alberta.