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How to Craft the Perfect Charcuterie Board

How to Craft the Perfect Charcuterie Board

How to craft the perfect charcuterie board

Ah yes, the ever-so-popular charcuterie board; One of the easiest ways to look classy at your next dinner party or wine night! The charcuterie (pronounced shahr/kew/tree) board is one of my favourite appetizers to throw together for any occasion - from wine nights with the girls, to appetizers at a house party, or even for a party of one with a glass of wine in hand and my favourite TV series on Netflix. 

What’s a charcuterie board?

A charcuterie board is an assortment of meats and cheeses paired with various accompaniments like bread, fruit and jam. Most people place it on a natural wood serving board or any kind of nice serving tray.

What should I put on my charcuterie board?

The ideal charcuterie board should have a nice balance of flavours and variety of options that complement each other. 



We recommend popping by Meuwly’s, located just down the road from Heart of the Home, to find house-made meat products, pickles and condiments that can all be used on your charcuterie board! Below are just a few types of meat you may want on your board.







For all of your premium cheese needs (and help with selecting which ones will work with your charcuterie board) go to Paddy’s cheese, located just next door to Heart of the Home Edmonton. Check out our cheese suggestions below - but by all means, venture out and add whatever you desire - that’s what charcuterie is all about! 

⁠—Two hard cheeses (like cheddar, gouda, and asiago)

⁠—One soft cheese (like brie, camembert, and provolone

⁠—Something peppered or mixed with fruit 


Check out this helpful guide on wine and cheese pairings!

Bread & Toast

You want to add crackers and bread to your charcuterie board, as they act as a sort of a building block or foundation for the layering of items and flavours. I always stick 3-4 different options such as grain crackers, baguette slices, and crostini.


Jams, Jellies and Spreads 

Condiments help elevate the flavours on your board! Salt Spring Kitchen Co., which we proudly carry in-store, have the best hand-made sweet and savoury jams, as well as flavour forward and funky hot sauces. Their sour cherry, rhubarb & rosemary preserve is TO DIE FOR.

⁠—Salt Spring Kitchen preserve, spread, chutney, or jam

⁠—Grainy mustard 


⁠—Olive Oil

⁠—Spinach Dip


Fruits & Veggies

⁠—Pickles (or anything pickled really)





⁠—Sliced apples

⁠—Sundried tomatoes 


Lay It Out

I always start by placing the bowls and jars of jam and spread around the board and then laying out the rest from there. Add the larger items like meats and blocks of cheese. Next place the crackers and bread around the board. I like to follow a bit of a pattern of meat, then cheese, then fruits or veggie, and finally the bread. Then keep following that pattern around the board. Fill any gaps with fresh or dried fruit. Finally, add garnish like rosemary or sage.

If you have cheese marker signs, definitely use those to let your guests know what they’re eating!


Have leftovers? Wrap up your cheese in Formaticum Cheese Paper, and everything else in Bee Happy Food Wrap⁠—a locally made alternative to plastic wrap⁠—that we carry in-store.

Don’t have time to make your own?

Dine-in at Partake right here in Edmonton’s High Street and feast on their charcuterie board. It’s one of my favourite places for charcuterie in Edmonton because they give the best recommendations. Meuwly's also has a charcuterie to-go option that you can purchase.


What essentials do you need from Heart of the Home?