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Bettering the Power of Cheese

Bettering the Power of Cheese

Just what is the power of cheese? 

Cheese have been an age-old staple all around the world,  from India's mild-tasting soft paneer; Greece's salty crumbly feta to Sardinia's hard, pungent grating cheese called Pecorino Romano. We've sourced our cheese information from Harvard Univeristy's website with a great article that is all about the nutrition of cheese. Nutrient dense, hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano and aged cheddar have proven over the centuries to be a hardy traveller - they don't require refridgeration. Cheeses also tend to be lower in lactose than milk, and may be easier for more people to digest than milk is. Calcium is the biggest benefit from eating cheese, but you will also find it provides a decent dose of protein as well.

Do we have cheese at our store, Heart of the Home YEG? No, but that's okay, as we have got Edmonton's own Paddy's International Cheese just a few steps away, here in the High Street shopping district. Thank goodness we don't have to go far for a great selection of cheeses that will satisfy any taste, and get you set up for your next gathering!

Paddy's Cheese has been serving their loyal customers the finest cheeses from all around the world for years. They provide fresh, off the wheel cheese as well as a selection of condiments, olives, oils, vinegars and cheese related giftware. Find them at 12509 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB.

To serve these amazing cheeses, you will want to select the perfect board to serve it on. We have a variety of sizes and brands, including handmade charcuterie boards by Wood & Grain Winnipeg, which are just gorgeous! 

We also carry a range of cheese serving tools in a variety of styles, including Danesco's Cheese Knife Set that you can shop here online. 

Danesco Cheese Serving Set