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Nachtmann Ethno Hot Beverage Mug S/2 - 14oz

Nachtmann Ethno Hot Beverage Mug S/2 - 14oz 390ml
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Article number: 8903108-104249

The Hot Beverage Glass is an elegant way to enjoy your favourite hot drink.

This straight-sided glass features sturdy sides and a practical handle. It is ideal for enjoying warm drinks like tea, hot chocolate or coffee with a luxurious twist thanks to its cut-crystal design.The NACHTMANN Ethno glassware series takes its unique personality from its distinctive, harmonious pattern of close-packed notched elements. Their facets create a sparkling play of light, particularly in evening settings. Combining multicultural flair with easy-going lightness.

This product is machine-made. Due to the manufacturing process small tolerances in the measurements are possible.

This item is dishwasher safe.

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