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Summer Sweets with Popsicle Molds

Summer Sweets with Popsicle Molds

With the August heat here, we are exploring our in-stock popsicle molds that come in delightful shapes to delight both a child's eye and - yep, we are kids at heart - an adult's eye too!

We carry both Lekue and Zoku popsicle molds!

Lekue  Popsicle molds:

Material: 100% Platinum Silicone + PP

Temperature: -20ºC / +100ºC

Suitable for: Freezer, dishwasher

Zoku Popsicle Molds:

BPA and phthalate free

Care: Hand Wash


1. Pour chilled juice into the molds up to the fill line
2. Insert sticks
3. Freeze filled molds for 6+ hours 
4. Pull out pop—no rinsing required

Try out this Peach Yogurt Pops recipe from Zoku:

2.5 large peaches
1 cup yogurt of your choice
¼ avocado

Pit and cut the peach into small slices. Slice avocado in half and scoop out ¼ of the avocado. Put the peach slices, avocado and 1 cup of yogurt into a blender. Blend until smooth. Place the mixture into the mold and freeze.

Have fun being creative with the kids and for your own enjoyment! 

Come visit in-store for our August sale - where you will get 25% off our in-stock popsicle molds! Shop our store at 12539 102 Avenue, Edmonton, AB.