Staub 5.2L / 5.5qt Cast Iron Round Cocotte - Grey

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So that you may enjoy the delights of French cuisine, Staub has used an innovative combination of materials in theses traditional cocottes. Due to excellent heat conduction and flavour-enhancing properties, top chefs as well as beginners and amateur cooks can create delicate stews, gratins and soufflés. You will delight in our cocotte cookware, which allows you to cook soups, and casseroles and gratins. Cast iron is a popular material for cookware, because it takes on the oven’s heat efficiently and distributes it evenly. The excellent heat storage delivers gentle stewing and keeps the food warm. The casserole’s elegant design make it eminently suitable for serving at the table. The round cocotte is in graphite grey, so it fits equally with rustic dining room décor or the clean lines of modern restaurants. The cocotte has a diameter of 26 cm and is 17 cm tall, and feature a matte black enamel interior. This enhances the heat-storing and heat conducting properties of cast iron and preserves the food’s flavours of food prepared. This ability improves with use. With the Staub cocotte you will be able to make tasty dishes like pot roast or vegetable gratin in no time.

  • Made in France
  • Heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture, spikes on the lid create a rain-forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C without lid, Lids are Oven safe up to 500F/260C
  • Nickel steel knob
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, glass, ceramic, induction, and halogen
  • Unique, interior matte texture results in exceptional browning
  • Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, incl. induction, can also be used in the oven/grill
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