Staub Rect Baking Dish 13"x9" Blue

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This dark blue Staub gratin dish is ideal for cooking a variety of different dishes: if, for instance, you love hearty, satisfying food, lasagne or cannelloni are just two of the dishes that can be cooked in this dish. If, however, you prefer simple, healthy dishes, the dish is also ideal for making tasty vegetable gratins. Its rectangular shape and 34 cm x 24 cm dimensions mean that the dish is more than big enough for large family meals or parties. Its attractive design makes it perfect for serving food as well. Go on a culinary voyage of discovery with this Staub gratin dish.

  • Universal cookware, e.g. for baking or making gratin
  • Stackable easily – for space-saving storage
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Available in various colours
  • Easy to clean thanks to enamelled surface
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