Zwilling J.A. Henckels Forte TI-X NS Wok 30cm/12" - 5 Layer

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Good news for fans of Asian cuisine: The non-stick coated wok from the ZWILLING Forte series makes preparing Asian dishes child’s play. The round wok pan has a diameter of 30 cm, which means that you can even prepare larger quantities. The wok is perfect for traditional wok vegetables and for frying. But the round all-rounder has many talents and will also impress you with its skills in steaming, deep-frying, smoking and blanching. The typical Asian, sweeping tossing motion for turning the food is particularly easy with the aluminium wok. Nothing burns thanks to the new Ti-X non-stick coating and even metal cooking utensils can't scratch this particularly durable titanium coating – after all, it is much more robust than standard cookware with non-stick coating. You can look forward to the wide range of delicacies you will prepare with this wok. And the joyful eyes of your guests.For professional cooking on all kinds of hob, including induction
For braising and frying with minimal fat
Ideal for preparing Asian dishes
Suitable for use over many years
60% longer lasting than traditional nonstick
Safe to use on all cooktops including Induction
PFOA free for exceptional food release and fast, easy cleaning
Dishwasher safe

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